Photocredit: Dan Ziv


Tim Parris is a 28 year-old self-taught modern artist from Princeton, NJ.

Parris' work, which spans acrylic, oil, oil sticks and inks is inspired by his late older brother, William, who was autistic. Growing up with William, Parris observed him take pencils to both paper and walls and scribble out his frustrations through abstract expressionism. Through this, Parris was able to connect with his brother in a way only the two of them could share. He was able to understand and feels his emotions and anger that could not be expressed otherwise. Using this technique of expression Parris has been able to harness this process to create his own signature style. 

Today, Parris takes motivation and inspiration from the world around him, "anything and everything has a factor to the way i work and it gives me the motivation to continue to experiment and test the limits of distortion. There's nothing more satisfying than having total creative control when i pick up my paint brushes."